goodbye little moon.

our beautiful mira
died aged 22 on a february morning
with her family by her side.


goodbye mira.

i feel as though i met you in a dream. in a place i can't get back to now.
i wonder where you've taken your yellow fringe and your black leather smile?
like river gold. i'm looking for you.

but you are birds now. birds and the moon. and things
that dance through the sky.


kerri said...

oh, my love. i hope you are ok. your words about her and the images you have captured, the whole way through her illness made my heart weep with joy. you loved her so. x

bananafish said...

thank you so much for your kind words. truely.
she was a beauty and a joy and such a very good friend. it makes no sense for her to be gone, except that things simply happen in life and all we can do is love all the more after.


rose said...




Anonymous said...

x x x i am glassed eyed. staring at the screen. little miro's face on her pillow . and she seems so close. her nose and long eye lashes so close that i can't fathom why i cant touch her. i just want a mir hug ... the same height as me. the creak of soft leather and her scent caught in the collar...your words are beautiful mis.
god i miss her. love you . to the moon and back again i do . xx raffe

bananafish said...

i keep thinking of the way she'd say helooooo when you arrived up her stairs and her ballet shoes hanging in the window.

oh raffe rooster. it'll never be quite the same. and i don't like it. and it makes me mad and sad and im afraid of all the time that will go by in between saying her name.