in watermelon sugar


for that red x


Robyn said...

sneaky little sheepish fruit in the tree, i need this book. where might it be?

bananafish said...

it is on my shelf. and sam's shelf and ana's shelf and the shelves of many libraries throughout the world.
you could buy it in a bookstore or on an internet website. perhaps you could chance to be beside a lost copy on a park bench, and you could snatch it up and make a mad dash for the hills!

Anonymous said...

oh....i just spent a lengthy while writing a little story of this favourite afternoon and watermelon wilson. and a lost watermelon sugar book to a boy i fancied and thought would fancy my favourite book on his shelf. and then . the computer swallowed up all my words and forgot to spit them back out! xx love you m x lets pond in the botanics soon my sweet xx raffe roo