the first americans.

an amazing inspiring friend of mine Anna Hudak and her husband Nico have made a documentary
about the blackfeet tribe in montana, and in particular 3 young people who "struggle
to live in a country they do not identify with, and yearn to connect to their traditional roots."

it looks incredible. stunning. sad. it sort of blew me away watching the trailer and my eyes welled up -
and i can't wait till the day i actually get to watch it all!

Americans Teaser from counter production on Vimeo.


Erica said...

I completely agree with you, this looks breathtaking. The imagery and the way it looks to have been filmed is very emotive. I would love to see the entire documentary. Is there somewhere we could see it?

misma andrews said...

it hasn't been released yet but im pestering my friend to find out when, and i'll let you know.
hopefully it will get into film festivals and play around the world and win awards and come out on dvd and sell millions!!

wouldn't that be good x

ps thanks for telling me of emmet gowin if you are the same erica x

Anonymous said...

this looks amazing.....i cant wait to see it. i think it will defiantly be at the film festival. defiantly . xx r