finding my mother's people.

these were taken in Wanaka. the day after a friends wedding.
i was so tired and hungover. so dazed i could hardly stand up. i was on my way to my camping cabin with a friend to sleep.
but the light was so amazing, and i knew i would regret being lazy. and i know i have to make the most of every opportunity i get
outside the i picked up my tripod and went walking through fields...opening farmers gates and climbing over fences...
it was like walking in a dream. i was so tired! delirious nearly. i kept hearing all the sounds of the wind as an angry farmers car.
i would freeze... but no car would come. he was probably having a whiskey and watching tele in his house...
when i got to the cabin my friend was fast asleep. x

sorry for not posting in so long. and thank you all so much for the lovely comments you write.



mitošinkovie said...

Nice idea, beautiful pictures, good light, so great! (:

Christina said...

these are incredibly! i love love love your work!

Jessicat said...

so crisp! it looks so surreal. i love them.

You inspire me to take more photos every time you post!

Anonymous said...

these photos are so beautiful!

Rachel said...

wonderful as always!
especially the second to last.

feels good to get out of the city, doesn't it?

Jessicat said...

and also, do you use photoshop on your pictures? We don't have it because we only have a music filled little mac but I'm always interested to find out when it gets used.

Veronika said...

amazing, wonderful!
I am very glad that I found you and your pictures. kiss.

Bibi said...

these pictures are gorgeous i love how in some the sky looks almost purple and contrasts with the bootom half of the pitcures greeness.
the poses look fun and witchy too