slide-film salmon

hello. goodness me...everything's changed in here since i last put up a post. not entirely sure how to use this
whole new interface. can't figure out how to make my photos the size i want....can't figure out how to arrange the order...
feeling rather disoriented... on the other hand there's this whole stats page part that let me see i've had nearly 
45, 000 views!

which made me want to get back in here and start posting again.
so these are from many months ago (of course) with my dear salmon fish and a test roll of slide film. x


Junaluska said...

I am so glad you're posting again! These are beautiful.

misma andrews said...

thank you so much! that's so nice you even noticed : ) xx am going to try hard to keep things updated from now on.

Dana Faltusová said...

these are beautiful!