Winter. And the sea is frozen over.

perhaps these are more game of thrones than make-believe tribe. ...white girls dance with wolves.
in spring they'll be dressed in nordic white, with ribbons of dandelions. x


sam said...

I love the second to last one oh so much XX beautiful missy x r

jess hay said...

This is beyond incredible. I absolutely love this so pure honest and lovely. What were you shooting with?

Kristin E Bazan said...

whoa, very game of thrones. i really love the hand colored look of these and how dark they are.

misma andrews said...

thank you so much! ...sometimes if i ponder over the photos too much i decide i don't really like them so it's always quite a relief when people say such lovely things : )
jess - the camera is an old stiff impossible to focus medium format reflekta from around the 50's i think. (i love it)

Sanity Notebook | by Jessie Raisa said...

Your blog is magic and I hope you know. Will be back for more, xx

te amo,

Le Fresne said...

Words fail. Your imagination & creativity are wonderful.
The cloak and fur collar are an Anglo-Saxon dream.

le fresne x