In the shadowy glade where stars spring in the moss.

hello!  i didn't see hardly any of the comments on my last 2 posts until now!! i must have somehow turned 
off  'notification of comments' or done some such thing...thank you so much for wishing me well...particularly 
the lovely lauren goddard - i promise your letter is formulating in my head...anyway i won't be able to see a 
specialist until after xmas sometime.  in the meantime i eat portions meant for birds and dream of 
mountains made of food. 

... i bought fireworks today!

(i went a bit mad for the blossoms and shot a whole roll of pretty much nothing else... one day kris told me about a 
tree that he had seen, and when i went to find it it was one of the loveliest blossom trees i've ever ever seen. it was actually humming with bees. white and fecund. 
everybody who walked past commented on it. 
it was the kind of tree that makes people smile. while i was photographing it the girl who's house the tree grew by
 came out into the garden...and then kindly climbed in her tree for me.)


mitošinkovie said...

Oh, I love every picture in this post! So beautiful and mild light. Great work Misma! (:
I would like to sit under the big tree, it´s amazing tree trunk!

Ruby Hoppen said...

Beautiful! I wish I could be there right now

Blanca said...

Beautiful. I think I asked this before but I couldn't find my comment - do you photograph just analogue or digitally also? If digitally, what do you use?

Doing a photography project and this is first class inspiration!

misma andrews said...

hello blanca x thank you so much. i definitely only do analogue no digital. i think it's possible to take amazing photographs digitally but you have to be much more technically minded i think (which i'm not at all!) - when you shoot with film it seems to do most of the work for you. that's what i find anyway. film is what inspires me x x