“Love is the mystery of water and a star.” ― Pablo Neruda

welfe bowyer and shayna quinn. two exceptionally talented, hilarious, kind-hearted souls 
who had one of the loveliest, most sincere weddings i've ever been to, in the garden of his mother's house.
with walnut trees and forests, golden fields and friends. it was a wonderful wonderful weekend 
and i was so very honoured to have taken their photos.


Harley Cinimin said...

Breathtaking. These photos are just beautiful.

Kirstin said...

beautiful photos Misma. Your photography has come a long way in 9 1/2 yrs. I do still love our fresh faced wedding photos.

misma andrews said...

hello my lovely x x i thought about your wonderful wedding before i was taking these photos. how it seemed like ever such a long time ago - and also like only the other day. and also how your dad's camera seemed like the fanciest thing in the world!! miss you x x

Katie Appleyard said...

These photos are truly stunning. I love their clothing.

Sweet Apple Lifestyle


Hello Misma! This is the coolest Groom's outfit I have ever seen! What a stunning couple. Your photography is astounding.

Amiria, who is my sis in law, alerted me to your blog. I would love to meet and collabourate with you if you are interested?
I'm Kate and you can email me at wildflowerstylistic@yahoo.com

Lovely to find your beautiful blog! :)