We age in darkness like wood and watch our phantoms change their clothes of shingles and boards for a purpose that can only be described as wood. - Richard Brautigan

sometimes i think salt potion-soaks are not worth the hassle involved with the photo lab...but then when i get them back, and see those crazy silly colour swirls 
- i remember that i just love them! these are ages old. a lovely solitary walk - made friends with horses in daft blankets. 


zaroline said...

These are beautiful! What is a salt potion-soak and how does one do it?

- Devoted Reader

zaroline said...

These are magical! What is a salt potion soak and how does one do it? I'm a film photography junkie too.

-Devoted Reader

misma andrews said...

hello x x just put the film canister (after you have shot your photos)into some salted water, or alcohol for a couple of hours and then if you have somewhere completely dark to hang them and dry them do that, otherwise take them in to the photolab straight after - but you'll want to tell them what you've done as they need to rinse the negatives first so that whatever you have used doesn't react with their chemicals.
you can also dunk them in boiling water for a couple of minutes and then just say they got wet and that's so big deal. cheers : )

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! I'm definitely going to try it.