Oh boldest path, penetrating into all places, in the heights, on earth, and in every abyss, you bring and bind all together From you clouds flow, air flies, Rocks have their humours, Rivers spring forth from the waters And earth wears her green vigour. - Saint Hildegard of Bingen

thanks to the wonderful Michaela Meadow i have fallen in love with a word - Viriditas.
...even saying it is delicious! here is her summary of it's meaning...
"‘Viriditas’ is a latin word conjured by the 10th century abbess Hildegard von Bingen.  It symbolises verdant blooming and the vital pulse, the soul essence of all things. It is the holy greening power, the driving force of the cosmos and the higher soul self. It is feminine energy: giving life, birthing."
Hildegard was an extraordinary person. visionary, mystic, writer, composer, philosopher, botanist, healer, poet....linguist!
it made me so happy that she had given a word to a concept that resonates so deeply within me.

...izzie looks like a sort of snowpetal fallen to the earth. sleeping sweetly in the pines. x


etta said...

this is the best blog i've found in a very long time! i love your pictures!

etta said...

truly beautiful! your pictures inspire me so much!

Cristina Rose said...

absolutely breath taking