this was one of the most magic afternoons i've had in ages.
wandering about. befriending strange dogs. eating mandarins. taking photos just for myself. 
just to have fun and feel free. in a borrowed dress with a bag of crystals and bells.

...i think i look like the boy puppet from the dark crystal in that first one...


Claire Eva said...

hi i am in love with your blog...your photos are like paintings. was just wondering do you use a tripod for any self-shots or are they taken by someone else? xx

misma andrews said...

hello, thank you for those lovely words x x 90 percent of the time i use a tripod that i lug along with my into forests and up and down hills. i both love and hate this tripod because it is such a fantastic tool, but also so damn heavy and large and unwieldy. then i try to get the focus right without being in the picture by hanging things in trees for instance.
but also very occasionally i will direct my boyfriend and he will take the photos. like a lovely human tripod!