The remains of an ancient forest.

Went for a lovely wintery walk to an 800 year old kauri tree.  With a thermos of coffee and pastries.
i loved it here so much kris had to drag me home before it got dark. x


Hannah Bacalla said...

Very, very beautiful photographs. You are very lucky to live near such an amazing place.

PS: You look cute in your sweater ♥

Jessicat said...

I was there this weekend. We managed to make a six hour tour of it, though we did walk back to oriental bay too. It's so so lovely. I said to Jacob that we definitely need to be in there way more often.

Hannah said...

Wow this looks like such a magical place I can see why you didn't want to leave! Beautiful photographs, what camera do you use?

misma andrews said...

thank you hannah bacalla - i love this sweater. makes me feel nordic and like i'm off to visit snow even though i never am!

jessicat - that's amazing that you were just there, imagine if we'd walked past each other in the woods : )
it's the kind of place you feel so lucky to have just around the corner. just a short bus ride away. i love that about wellington.

hannah - thank you : ) i have far far too many cameras now, i wish i could combine eveything i love about each of them into one super camera! that would be amazing. anyway these photos are taken on my zenit. which is probably my favourite 35m camera. but it's very very hard to focus in the dark dark of the forest.

Blytheponytailparades said...

These shots seem magical. Maybe it's the film depiction of the green grass, or your posing or just everything combined. They look like stills from a movie :)

Rebecca Cairns said...

Those trees... those roots... digging straight into the earth.
What beautiful photographs these are..