this is luminous repose, neither fever nor languor, in a bed or a meadow. - rimbaud

eastbourne holds a piece of my heart these days. goats in the hills. dizzying heat burning feet and swimming in my underwear. the ocean, crisp as a miracle. 
melting on dusty roads to reach the lighthouse where my boyfriend sits. hat set forward like a mexican cowboy. drinking tea but wishing only for water. 
walking back the wind holding the hat to his heart. 


Dawn said...

You can tell stories, my friend, with but a few words and a handful of photos. You have a gift, and I envy you. Your few sentences are the beginning of a book, and I can see and breathe and feel the hot sea air when I look at these. Amazing, as always.

Liz said...

Your photographs are beautiful - they remind me of the film Hidalgo.

Veronika Anna said...

hey. wow, i really like this mood. sea, boy, sun, lighthouse.
and all your photos "can move" in my head.

misma andrews said...

thank you sweet people for these kind words.
dawn - you are so dear. thank you so much! you have no need to envy me - the words you wrote me were as beautiful as anything i could write x x